Ruby Service Award
President and Deans Award
Team Work (Above and Beyond the Call)
 1.       Recipient must be a member of good standings with their church.
 2.      The church and member must be an active part of :
           The  District Association and State Convention.
 3.       One that has attended and took part in the TEBSC Congress of Christian                               Education for over 5 years.
4.      Involved in community activities as well.
5.       Must be between the ages 18-80+
6.       Volunteer to help others or willing to serve when asked.
7.       Outgoing personality and attitude toward others.
8.       At least two letters of recommendation one from his/her pastor and either her                     District Moderator, Congress President or Congress Dean

All recommendations should be mail ed to:
TEBSC Congress
P.O. Box 235
Hallsville, Texas 75650
All recommendations should be submitted at the Congress Commission Meeting on Monday, July 16, 2023